Set aside more quality time


Keep a fleeting moments record


Don’t gossip


Make memories 


Do something fun every day

It all begins and ends on your mind. What you give power to, has power over you – if you allow it. My theme in September was a focus on being more in the moment. As my life surged with plans and projects. I found myself more and more consumed. This didn’t by any means define that I was unhappy. I have reflected that my life is full on before and it is still true to this day. I have felt disappointed in myself for only sitting down with my blog after probably 2 weeks. There was a time when I sat down and did this daily. But the truth is that in a way, I have been doing things that everyday make me happy. I know that because I am acutely more mindful. That actually came out of this month!

As time was a contributing factor for why I often don’t feel as happy as I believe I could be, I decided to turn the magnifying glass on it and improve how i use it! I set goals around setting aside more quality time with my husband, to make memories with those I love and to notice the magic in my every day. I see people living their lives and letting minutes pass them by with monotonous tasks. We wake up, we go to work, we come home, sleep, repeat. This seems to make people so miserable. But what if we viewed our days differently? What would happen if when we woke up for work and instead of cursing that we didn’t want to drag ourselves from the comfort of our bed, we noticed how beautiful the weather was? What if on our way to work, we acknowledged how kind that person was for letting us merge? Would your day change if you thought to yourself how happy you were to work with a colleague who made you laugh, instead of growling about someone who annoyed you? Would your day be different if you got home, looked at your partner and marvelled in how amazing they were and appreciate them for hanging out the washing as opposed to scrolling through your phone, looking at the posed lives of others?

What if…we put on the rose coloured glasses instead of taking them off?


The best view often comes from the hardest climb. September had a rocky start as Matt had his fourth knee operation. He wasn’t in a great place and I didn’t feel equipped to handle it. But, as I write this blog post, almost 2 months on – I am proud that  we made it through the other side. Matt learn’t valuable lessons to reframe his positivity and so did I. I utilized all the strategies i have been practicing for months and we improved upon our communication, worked as a team and we made it over the other side. This month trained and delivered a more mindful Adrienne. I am more aware of niggling feelings of anxiety, I bask in the relaxed, quiet and intimate times. I am appreciative of the ease in my life. That is probably as a direct result of mindfully acknowledging them! I am not writing my blog because I am honestly enjoying the peace! My upcoming posts will share how I reached this point and how you can practice mindfulness too – and it doesn’t involve colouring!

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