The biggest deficiency I see and how to supplement it

The biggest deficiency I see and how to supplement it

These days, if you are deficient in something, you can get just about any supplement to fix it. Low in Iron? That’s fine – swallow an iron tablet or undergo an insfusion. Perhaps you are low Vitamin D? No worries – take 4 gel pills daily. As I mentioned in my previous post, we have become an instant society and have forgotten that we can avoid these problems by simply making small but noticeable changes on and off the plate, as a preventative measure and well ahead of time. The solution for these two problems is simple – more red meat and leafy greens and some added time in the sunshine. The same goes for our emotional and mental vitamin deficiencies. While yes, vitamin D and Iron are common problems, the more I listen to and observe people, the more I notice the widespread lack of Vitamin J in our diets.Vitamin J is essential to a healthy and happy life. Adequate levels of this nutrient allow us to remain present, grateful, proud and aligned to our core values and purpose.

High levels of Vitamin J is often attributed to:

  • Increased levels of relaxation
  • Higher endorphins
  • Good general well being
  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety
  • Decreased likelihood of illness and disease

However, a lack of Vitamin J, leads to a number of dangerous health problems, including:

  • Increased cortisol
  • Stress and anxiety
  • People with a Vitamin J deficiency report that life can be challenging and how they often make decisions that may not align with their core values.  
  • They often look to eating, shopping or bad relationships.
  • Physically, those who lack vitamin J are more likely to develop illnesses such as; heart disease, pulmonary disease, diabetes, hypertension, colds and flus, stomach, bowel issues and upper respiratory infections to name a few.

If you are someone who experiences any of the above health issues, I suggest you consider that you could be deficient in this essential nutrient. This deficiency often goes untreated by modern medicine and there is often never any assessing questions posed by your doctor when you visit to discuss other (often seemingly unrelated) symptoms. While many people are deficient in Vitamin J, EVERYONE can access treatment easily through simple lifestyle changes and supplementation.


Tell me more about Vitamin J…

Vitamin J is otherwise known and described as ‘Joy.’ This essential nutrient is responsible for bringing us happiness in our lives. Unlike pleasure, which is an external feeling (reliant on other people, items, objects or events). Joy is defined as a feeling that is predominately INTERNAL. Joy is something you feel deep within, regardless of your circumstances. Unfortunately, with a global deficiency in this essential part of daily life, many individuals are finding it virtually impossible to maintain their health and wellbeing overall. To negate the symptoms of joy deficiency, people are medicating themselves, losing sleep, taking stress leave, drinking or taking drugs or simply becoming more prone to complaining .


The good news is that supplementing low levels of vitamin J is something you can start doing today. Ensuring the presence of joy in our lives is a conscious decision that every person has control over. When you take a close look at civilizations around the world, there are many who appear to have nothing, yet who are the happiest. A recent article by CNN,  describes the happiest coutries in the world. Interestingly, findings show that happiness isn’t just about money. People reported that they experienced joy due to generosity, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices and freedom from corruption. When I look at that list, I think to myself how easy it is for us to attain many of those things on that list through how we choose to live our lives and who we surround yourself with. We already have a leg up, living in the society and country that we do – so the rest is up to us. The saying goes, ‘If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.’ When assessing levels of joy in your life, working with a health coach could be a great tool to troubleshoot this area of primary food. Through finding what brings you joy, what is important to you, what you currently do to bring about joy in your life (or otherwise), you can work together to develop plans for the increase of this essential vitamin. The following reflective exercise may help you to get the ball rolling.



Reflect on the following…

  1. When did you last experience joy?
  2. Was this experience linked to something YOU did or was it linked to someone or something else? (remember, this may be ‘pleasure’)
  3. How do you invest your time in order to experience joy for yourself?
  4. Do you feel responsible for your own health and happiness or is it reliant on someone or something?
  5. What brings you a sense of peace?
  6. What makes you feel grateful?
  7. What makes you experience pride?
  8. On a scale of 1-10 – what is the level of joy in your life?

The above exercise may have highlighted a range of different outcomes for you..a) You realised that you are experiencing joy regularly. In this case, remember this moment! Whatever you are doing now, is a great thing to return to later if you ever become deficient. You may also like to look for ways to optimise your life further – keep reading! b) You thought you were experiencing joy – but you know realise that it was actually feelings of pleasure linked to something or someone externally.c) You rarely experience joy or are having trouble seeing the joy in your day-to-day life.


 There is no secret antidote to low levels of Vitamin J in your life. Unlike what health food stores try to promote – swallowable supplements aren’t the answer to all our problems. The most solid and authentic advice I can offer is that we can all find joy in the ordinary. Through choosing to see the joy in what is, not on what you wish was, is how you can increase feelings of joy every day. In a recent lecture, Dr Oz discusses how many people describe that they feel held back when addressing vitamin J levels in their life. They attribute time, money, knowledge and a fear of change as reasons for why they can’t make changes.  A fear of change, is often linked to a fear of failure or not being loved. The reality is, loving yourself is how you pave the ways for others to love you the way you deserve. And a lack of knowledge is a bunch of balloni – we all have the ability to heal ourselves, as we all know how to do this innately. Our body is the most amazing self-healthing and intuitive machine on earth. And as for money and time, I am about to show you how you can take some reasonable steps to supplement vitamin J in 5 minutes at no charge. Joy is the best make up – and I am about to give you the world’s best makeover!


Of the following, identify what matters most to you:










Connection with others

Now, for each of your top areas – write down one thing you can start doing TODAY that will impact this area and start to bring you joy. (Psst: There are hints and tips below that may help you). You may choose to do this on your own or with a partner. Write your actions down and down and display them somewhere visible each day (fridge, bathroom mirror, dressing table etc). Check in at the end of a week and notice if you have started to see any changes. Try to be present when you action these goals. Take note of whether your feelings of joy, gratitude and pride increase in these moments. This reflection will help you to return to these actions in the future.


Believe it or not, happiness doesn’t just land on your lap. Your life doesn’t just get better by chance. It is through consistent, ongoing changes that you are more likely to experience feelings of joy. Pride comes from actioning things yourself. Gratitude comes from taking the time to see the good around you. Relaxation comes from taking time for yourself and not filling your days with things that overwhelm you. The more you find yourself wondering, ‘when will my life get better?’ the more you need to try other solutions and action new goals and steps.

These could include …

  • Take steps to forgive someone or repair a relationship
  • Sing, dance, move


Following the links in the above, leads to my experimentation with these strategies as part

of my ‘Happiness Project.’



Optimising your life and increasing your levels of joy comes from a commitment to self-care. Taking the time to regularly review this key area of your life, will help you to make ongoing changes. You have the ability and power to start increasing your levels of Vitamin J right now.

What supplementation for Vitamin J are you going to start taking today in order to increase joy in your life ?

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