Rebranding: From ‘Happiless’ to ‘Alchemy’

Rebranding: From ‘Happiless’ to ‘Alchemy’

A beacon of happiness is ultimately what everyone strives towards. As humans, we look for it, we expect it, we desire it to make our lives better. Unfortunately as humans, our wiring is set to survive, not to be happy. Contrary to what you may think, our brain’s main function is to warn us of danger (hello raised cortisol and stress levels ) so that we instinctively protect ourselves. In a modern world, we no longer run from dangerous animals like our ancestors once did.  Instead, we get worked up over what people think of us, how worthy we are, body image – the list goes on. This fight or flight response  in todays time, is a waste of resources and it pounds at our minds relentlesly.

The result???? Unhappiness, stress, bad habits, poor eating, diminished health, limited sleep, inflammation and chronic disease.


As I shared in my one year happiness recap post, I have come to learn a thing or two about happiness. The major take home message is that if we are always waiting for happiness, health and wellbeing to come to us, we will be waiting a long time! Through spending a year trialing and forming good habits for happiness, I drastically improved my mindset, my body appreciation, how I balance my time and how I view the world and perceive different situations. In addition to these benefits to my wellness, I have also improved upon the quality of the relationships with others; including my husband, colleagues, family and friends. In one year, I learned that happiness is up to me. It isn’t a flick the switch mentality. That would be impossible. I can’t just tell myself or anyone else to just decide to be happy and BAM there you go. It is about making that decisions and working towards happiness every day. We are humans, must work against that inbuilt stress response to life, counteracting its harmful effects, replacing it with habits, actions and decisions that create magic in our own lives.

For a whole year my happiness project was called ‘Happiless’ – mostly because when I began my project, I felt as though I was devoid of a certain level of happiness. So, I was set about experimenting and hunting it down. As I now move forward into my second year of my project (I plan to work on this until my dying day), I feel as if I now own my happiness. I know what I need to do to keep it at the front of my mind. I don’t plan on taking my eye of it for a minute. The name ‘Happiless’ just doesn’t sit with me anymore, mostly because it no longer applies to me! Nor anyone for that matter, as we always have happiness, just to varying degrees. We just need to know what tools we require to harness it and bring it to the forefront.


The most exciting thing is that I have taken on the next step to become an Integrative Health Coach. In 6 months time, I will be a practicing Health Coach and in a year I will be certified. This will mean I will have my own business, my own business cards, clients and all! So I needed a new name for my blog and for my business. I’ve been thinking on it for a while now and finally came across the perfect word….


Defined as: ‘The medieval chemical science and philosophy that focused on the attempt to change less valuable metals (like lead) into gold.’ A more modern and less materials based alchemist’s aim is to provide universal cure for disease, and to discover a means of prolonging life and promote the transformation and creation spirituality.

Alchemy is often regarded as a metaphor for how we can change ourselves on the inside and out. “Gold” is spiritual perfection, while the lesser “base” metals (such as lead) are impure states of the spirit, unenlightened and full of the problems of general life.

I just love this word as there is something really magical behind it’s meaning. We can all use alchemy to make better choices and create something wonderful with what we have. Alchemy is aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects. Likening this to humans – you can cleanse a bad diet and a bad mindset. You can grow your way out of old thinking and you can fine tune aspects of yourself to live a better life. With the support of loved ones, professionals and/or a Health/Life coach, you just need to make better choices and effectively strategise towards change. 

For me, alchemy is…

Self-created magic that one cultivates from within through persistence and hard work. Being an alchemist means transforming, cleansing and building yourself from the inside out. Alchemists serve others through positive role modelling, expressed gratitude and the offering of support. Everyone is an alchemist with the potential to transform themselves into gold. 


As I began to explore alchemy, it led me down the track of my life philosophy. I was recently listening to a new podcast – Lewis Howes, Interviews with Master Coaches. Psychologist Dr Michael Gervais made a fantastic recommendation, which was ‘develop your own philosophy.’ This will all be a part of my business one day, so it got me thinking about what I stand for and what I believe….

I believe that everyone is an alchemist and has the ability to create an amazing life – both physically and mentally. At our cores, we must build self-love and respect in order to work towards the best outcomes for ourselves. Happiness and health is a choice that we must make every day. In order to cultivate alchemy in our lives and self-create the life we want, we must make great decisions and implement effective daily practices and habits. For some people, this process will be easier that others. I believe that surrounding yourself with positive influences leads to improved quality of life. Everyone has the availability to transform aspects of their lives from ‘lead’ to ‘gold.’  Although, waiting for something to magically create itself, will never get you the outcome you want – at least long term. Alchemy is about effective effort and ongoing hard work.  In order to create magic in our present and our  future, I believe that most people are required to acknowledge suffering from their past. At the same time, identifying your strengths and being grateful for what you have is an integral part of transformation. Through a process of recognition and reflection, people can analyse their circumstances to identify pain and recognise patterns and taking action not to continue them. Once an individual recognises a need to change, the act of developing a plan for action is a way of moving yourself forward. Through ongoing reflection and adaptation, everyone can build and sustain momentum for a happier and healthier life.


What is the lead in your life?  What steps are you going to take to cultivate your own inner alchemy and turn your life into solid gold?

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