MAY – That’s a wrap!

MAY – That’s a wrap!

As May grew to an end, I noticed a significant change in my happiness. There were definitely speed bumps along the way, but I believe I navigated them much more positively and productively than I had in a long time.

On the last day of the month, I had an appointment with my psychologist. I shared with her the stress and anxiety caused by my birthday, Mother’s Day, Matt’s knee, the purchase of another property and my feelings around my dad. She agreed I was in total overload. She commended me on how productive and reflective I was and marvelled at the project and the strategies I was applying.

In a month I had seen major improvements in my marriage. My resolution to dish out compliments promoted respectful and kind interactions. Both of us were even more positive than we had been before. Our ability to reflect opened up our lines of communication, especially when I was usually so prone to shutting down. As we concluded a difficult month, we were closer than ever. Matt understood how I was feeling and I had provided him with more insight into why I felt this way – his actions were more mindful of my sensitivities.

My resolutions aimed to improve my health, did just that! My body was nourished as I (mostly) ate to heal, drank enough water and got enough sleep. This month aimed to refocus and remind myself of what was important to me and what my body needed in order to facilitate my mind to be happy. By managing how I treated my body, I was working towards healing my self image. The best thing that came from may for me, was finding yoga. This new passion served me physically and mentally.

It motivated me. It changed me. It made me better.

May improved my relationships with both my friends and my family. Not only did I connect with them more often, I improved the quality of our conversations. I was communicating on a whole new level. I was asking for help and I was helping others.

Through all of this came a glimmer of the person I used to be. Funny Adrienne. Although I still needed to up the anti and laugh more, be silly and regain a sense of who I was before stress consumed my life – I was definitely more mindful. I’m motivated to find myself and not just accept who I have become.


At the end of my appointment, my psychologist said something that really validated my situation.

Adrienne, the problems you are facing from day-to-day are not problems you have created for yourself. You are doing everything you can. Sometimes you can’t control the actions of others and it’s all about acknowledging the feelings you face and know that it will pass.

She was proud of me for what I had managed to do. How I had turned things around.

And you know what….

I was proud too.



My May Resolutions


 Pay with compliments

Show quality affection


Sleep better

 Drink 4 L of water

Eat to heal



Connect with friends


Connect with family


Have a laugh


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