Letter to my future self

Letter to my future self


As mentioned in my last post, my husband and I sat down and set out goals for 2018. We used the guide provided by Melissa Ambrosini on her blog and we had a blast doing it. Part of the whole experience is to write our future selves a letter. on January 1, 2019, we hope to rip our letters open and celebrate all we have achieved, laugh at the ideas we had for ourselves and reflect on things that may not have gone to plan. The whole point of this exercise is to have fun. Much of the context of this letter is a heavy reflection on the goals I have set for myself, the plans I envision coming to fruition and the person I hope I have evolved into by the end of the year. Of course, there is jest behind many of my words. I don’t take this letter too seriously. Nor am I hell bent on these predictions coming true.


I desire many of these outcomes, but do not expect them. 


Instructions: Zoom ahead to December 31st 2018 and write a letter to yourself about all that has happened in 2018 and all that you have achieved….


Dear 2019 self,

I am so proud of you! By now, you should be well on your way to hippie status! I hope that you have been meditating everyday and/or doing yoga. I bet you feel like a million bucks! Your house should be mostly chemical free and full of homemade, natural and/or organic products. No more bleach should be smelt in your shower or parabens on your face. This year was all about getting spiritual and you must be bordering on sainthood by now. In you 30 years, you haven’t been overly vulnerable. It was my desire that by now you are opening up more and pulling down all the walls you have built.


2018 was all about living in the moment. The battery life on your phone must be amazing as you are barely ever on it. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat no longer rule your life and you actually partake in what is unfolding around you every minute of the day.  I trust you have also stopped googling every ailment under the sun and are rolling with things and letting life flow. In terms of your health, I hope you got lots of positive news this year and if you didn’t…don’t worry, things will happen in their own time and in the meantime you can continue to evolve in order to be the best person and role model you possibly could be. I hope you have continued to take all the steps to improve your health and wellbeing. So long as you continue on that path, you will always be proud of yourself. How many self-improvement books have you read now? At least 12, I am sure!


How is that husband of yours going? I bet you guys have been on so many date nights, walks and adventures. He would be very stoked with how much you do for him to show him how much he means to you. He must be inundated with affection from you and I am sure you continue to speak to each other with kindness and love. I know that by now you would have improved or even mastered your temper. I bet when he frustrates you, you take deep breaths and communicate with love and honesty. If you slip up, you are quick to catch yourself and tap into your realistic brain and find solutions and ways to improve for the next time.


How is your inner mean girl going? I hope that you have been closing the door on her when she visits without an invitation. I am sure that the daily meditation is helping to quieten her grip on you. You must love and appreciate your body so much by now!!! You will have been speaking to yourself so kindly every day. I do hope that you appreciate every inch of your body as it has done some amazing things. It is strong, it is fit and it has healed through some pretty rough shit. You have put it through the ringer through pushing it hard, not giving it a rest, putting too much sugar into it and then flogging it the next day as punishment. This year it really deserved a break. I know you would have given it the most nutritious food possible, cut down (or even cut out) alcohol and found a healthy balance of all the different forms of exercise that you enjoy. Not too much running or heavy weights! Lots of yoga and rest too! I trust that everyday you told your body how much you love and appreciate how healthy and amazing it is. I can only imagine how much you don’t even consider how much belly fat, cellulite or dry skin you have. If tomorrow were your last day, you would certainly forget all those trivial things. This shouldn’t be new to you though! You have been living this all year. I hope that in order to heal this negative inner self talk, you worked hard to let go of the past. You decided early in the year that the only way you could break free from some of these negative thoughts was to move on from some of the events of your past. I am of the belief that you have forgiven all those who you perceived to have done you wrong. Go you! This will all help you to live with love and not from a place of fear.



How are you friends going? I hope you have made the effort to connect with them all regularly. When you connect, I am sure that you are asking questions and making the effort to listen and remember important things. After a year of hardcore work, I have faith that you now don’t let your strong opinions cloud discussions. Remember that not everyone is at the same place as you when it comes to the evolution of their mindset. Just because they still eat wholemeal bread and dairy products, doesn’t mean they should be made subject to your soapbox rants. But I am confident that you have mastered the art of biting your tongue and supporting those who are ready to listen to you. I know that when you are frustrated, you have a bigger perspective now, so this stuff shouldn’t bother you.


Are you fully showing up with you family? I know you may only get to see them once a week, if that. It is okay. You are still a great sister and aunt. I just hope you are making every minute with them count. I trust you are asking questions, listening, getting involved and not being distracted. Time is short and soon enough the kids will be fully grown and wont find you so cool! I know you feel great when you are generous with your time, so I know you would have kept that up. Remember that Georgia and Mark have done alot for you over your lifetime so you owe them big time!


You must be having the best time! Life is about pleasure, laughing and smiles. I know lots of things make you happy. You don’t feel so good when you don’t get into the garden or tap away on your blog. Well done on making time for all the things that make you happy. You must have heaps of veggies growing and beautiful roses blooming in the front yard. Being the hippy you are, I can imagine that your essential oil collection is booming and you treat all ailments with them. You must smell amazing too! Trying new things changed your year. You had a ball saying “yes” to things you wouldn’t normally do. Probably most importantly, how are self-love Sundays going? All those baths, saunas, visits to the park and massages must leave you feeling great. You may even be so great at self-love time that you find time for yourself each day – snaps!


As much as this year has about being going inward to find happiness, it really isn’t achievable unless you served others. You have lots of time to give away which means you probably carried through with your plans to help out with the Melanoma Institute in March. After that, I know you would have thought of another way to help others. In 2017, you were awesome at being generous, I know this will have reached another level in 2018. How have you been generous and kind?


I am so happy that you had the best year yet. Remember that you can’t control the actions of others or how things beyond your control pan out. What you can control is how you handle them. Your state of consciousness dictates how you feel and you can master that. Letting your subconscious take the reins will only divert to your autopilot mode. The mode that has been shaped by your past. You let that go this year and started to work on controlling how you think, act and feel.

You are very impressive and I love you.


2017 Self xxx


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