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Reflect daily

Check in on friends

Check in on Family

Be silly


June was all about improving my self-reflection.

One of my commandments is to reflect and I consider it vital for self-development. This project had already opened my eyes up to so many wonderful and some times confronting things. The questions I was asking myself and others was giving me some amazing answers. I was already learning so much. All I wanted to do was harness this this new found skill and develop it further!

I had so many lightbulb moments in May. Times where I would be sharing my experiences, thoughts and feelings would lead to some profound insights. Insights I never knew I had! As I focused on all these different domains in my life with the hopes to improve my happiness, I was learning new things about myself that I had not cotton onto in my 30 years. The warmth that spread through me with each realisation was definitely happiness! I decided that I wanted to formally acknowledge these reflections and make sure they kept happening. For me, I get very caught up  when life gets busy and that’s when the important things such as friends, family and myself fall by the wayside. I wanted to ensure I was checking off my resolutions and achieving my commandments. I aimed to stay more accountable, with the hope that these resolutions would become habits and a routine part of my life in the future.

Where I was slack last month (I’m not surprised, I dived into the project too fast – but also glad I did as it taught me a good lesson about myself!) was keeping a checklist of my resolutions. This month, I was determined to be the model, organised student I had become in the recent years. I plastered the inside of my cupboard door (somewhere I looked every day) with pretty, self-made posters of my commandments, my resolutions, and tips and tricks to help me achieve both! This way, I would look every day and make sure I checked them off, reflected on them and strategised to be better. Cue commandment – ‘Try to be better with every new day.’

My reflections from May lead me to realise that taking on too many resolutions and overloading myself never fairs well. So I pulled back. I also tweaked, deepened or had another go at resolutions I struggled to keep last month. I wanted to focus on creating depth I’m my relationships with my husband, my friends and my family.

Through doing this, I was reflecting on not only my relationships with others, but also the relationship I had with myself.

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