July – WRAP UP

July – WRAP UP

My month built on positivity was a blast. As it coincided with my honeymoon, it was almost guaranteed to be a success as my first two weeks were absolutely phenomenal. It was hard not to launch into a month of positive thoughts when I had it all. An amazing husband, a relaxed lifestyle of yoga, surfing, cocktails and food!

Be positive-not passive

Compliment yourself

Form new friendships

Be a better aunt/sister/niece

Try new things

How to be successful: focus on your own shit. This month taught me that I can u-turn my life in terms of how I interact with people. I can work hard to form good habits that will lead to happiness and success. I learnt that how I had behaved in my relationship for the past 6 years, was not how I had to behave for the rest of my life. Through my resolution to be positive and not passive with my husband, I realised that I could shape each and every experience and improve our marriage. I saw myself through a different set of eyes and began to see what he could see. This drew to my attention how much he really loves me because I am hard work! I appreciated him more this month for all that he does for us and the positivity that be brings to our daily lives, without the need of a resolutions chart or a happiness project.

I worked hard to cultivate self-love. I still do and I will always make it my mission to love and accept myself for who I am, who I was and who I will become. I am committed to treating myself with love and speaking to myself just as I would to my family and friends. My words will be laden with praise, appreciation and kindness. I aim to steer clear of the dark path I have taken for so long. I am my own best friend and I need to start showing myself the respect that I deserve and commending myself not only for how I look but who I have become and build myself up in a way that will achieve progress with every new day.

How to be happy? Decide every morning that you are in a good mood. I want to be remembered as a positive influence on anyone’s life. Whether it be someone I just met or my friends and family. By working hard to radiate love and positivity, it is my goal to enrich the lives of others. This month taught me that kindness does not need to be gifted through grand gestures. It can be through a smile, a meaningful question and some active listening. This month, I deepened connections with my friends and family, just by letting them know I was thinking of them. I remembered things that were important to them and I was present. This didn’t take excessive amounts of time out of my day, effort or money. It consisted of genuine loving thoughts. I will continue to strive to be more present in the lives of those who are important to me and make an impression on those who I have just met. You never know the impact that you have on someone’s life. If you have the opportunity to bring about happiness, why not? Always step into every situation knowing that you could be the difference between a good and a bad day.

I am a totally different person to who I was when I started this project, I am a different person to who I was before I started this month on positivity, I am different from yesterday, I will be different tomorrow. This month I went from someone who said ‘no thanks,’ to someone who said ‘hell yes.’ I changed from a creature of habit, to a surfing, scooter riding adventure girl. I opened myself up to new experiences and vow to continue to evolve and try new things. Moving ahead into the future of my project, positivity will be at the core of all that I do. Because without positivity, can we ever achieve happiness?

Find yourself, lose yourself in something, find yourself again, and repeat. On the last day of this month, I felt like I was tested. I woke up to walk and it was raining. I switched on my TV for my morning yoga and I just wasn’t feeling it. I was tight, I was miserable, I felt bloated and gross. As I turned my head and looked out my window, the day was grey. The weather mirrored how I felt inside – Dreary. As I lay there during the final resting pose, I struggled to tell myself positive things. I tried, but a negative voice was quick to negate the positives. Should I write this day off? Give myself an excuse and say, ‘Today is a bad day?’ I could, yes. That would be totally acceptable. People have bad days all the time! But what would I be achieving? All that I would be doing is wasting precious seconds, minutes and even hours of my life where I could be spending them happy. I took a deep breath and thought about what I needed to turn that day around. I decided to do something that I love and research yoga (something I hadn’t got to do in a while). The action of doing something for me, that I knew would make me more positive lead to a flicker of happiness. I checked my work phone and saw that there were no calls. This meant I had more time to myself. In this moment I realised how lucky I was to have this time to do something that I loved. I was grateful for what I had in that moment. I thought about my commandment to ‘be grateful’ and pulled myself together. Instantly my mind kicked back into gear and I heaved myself out of that hole and employed all the strategies that I had been working on.

I was grateful for the time. I was grateful for my realisation. I was so so grateful that the person who turned my day around, was me…

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