Is coaching for you?

Do you feel…

Gassy, bloated, swollen?

Lost, disconnected or lonely?

Un-motivated, sluggish, tired or just over it?

Overwhelmed, exhausted, highly strung, disorganised, running a million miles an hour?

Like you don’t know where to start and wish you knew more


Do you want to be able to think differently and create

change in your life that enables you to:

Eat food that suits your bio-individuality making you feel good inside and out?

Wake up motivated and ready to better yourself each day?

Be full of energy, clear and focused?

Be in control, organised, centred and present?

Learn more about nutrition and/or lifestyle practices that help you reach your own personal goals?


My services are for those who are:


  • Ready to think differently to create lasting change
  • Willing to invest in their health, mindset and longevity
  • Are open to expanding their repertoire of research-based tried and tested strategies for happiness and health
  • Ready to start putting themselves first and take control of their body and mind

My services are not  for you if:

  • You are not willing to begin slowly removing foods that do not serve you in order to start feeling amazing
  • You are not open to change or looking to improve the quality of your life
  • You are not open to unpacking some feelings and experiences from your past or present
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself and create lasting change


I work best with clients who are keen to learn, willing to try new things, are open to making mistakes but learning from them. I work with a range of clients to suit their learning and adjustment style whether it be gradual and small steps or those who dive in hard and fast.


Changing your habits is about changing the systems and working hard to keep them as part of a consistent daily approach. There is no magic pill or silver bullet in my programs. You will not be starved, put on calorie restrictive plans or expected to do anything above what you feel comfortable with.