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Alchemy at Work

Presentations – Workshops – Individual and Group Coaching

Give staff the tools and motivation to look after themselves, improve workplace culture and enhance organisational outcomes.


   Support your staff to foster a positive workplace culture with evidence based health and wellbeing workshops and coaching opportunities, facilitated by an experienced executive, leader and certified health coach. The workshops are designed to provide staff with more effective ways to prioritise their wellbeing, build relationships with others, manage stress and workload, seek support and build greater resilience.


Effectively delivered health and mindset presentations, workshops and coaching programs can have a lasting positive impact on workplace culture, the productivity of your staff and overall outcomes of the organisation. With ten years of experience as a school executive and in her role as a health and wellness coach, Adrienne has created informative, motivating and inspirational presentations, workshops and coaching programs that will build upon and improve staff wellbeing and the workplace environment.



 Benefits for business, employers and employees



“Our staff were fully engaged in Adrienne’s enjoyable, thought provoking and practical presentation. They each found different things to take away and help them and Adrienne shared a variety of aspects to cater for everyone. Setting her apart were the stories of her own life and how she has overcome many obstacles. Throughout her personal struggles, she found things that worked to keep her positive and she communicated these well.  
We are excited to explore some of these in more depth with Adrienne throughout next year. “
Deb Martens – Principal of Theodore Primary School

The Details

‘Alchemy at Work’ is our foundation presentation and workshop. 

This presentation includes a snapshot of a number of helpful theories and strategies for improving health and wellbeing. Following this, Adrienne is able to return during visits to support staff through further presentations, workshops and coaching opportunities based on identified areas of interest and need.

Adrienne utilises an interactive approach, inviting participants to engage in self-reflection, discussion and interaction with other attendees. Following the workshop, teams are provided with an example action plan to engage in collective changel. All participants also receive a range of recommendations and resources.



“Without a doubt, the most powerful learning staff have done this term.
Staff were engaged in an excellent 2 hour workshop, during which Adrienne
shared her personal journey and supported staff to reflect on ways in which
they can change themselves, make wiser choices and harness their potential to
improve the quality of their lives and, in turn those of our students. It was
an incredibly powerful session.”

Kate – Deputy Principal

“Adrienne was a delight
to listen to. She spoke with great presence and depth and captivated the entire
audience. Adrienne is full of wisdom, inspiration and knowledge, having the
ability to inspire and transform the lives of many. The morning was full of
power and conviction and practical tools and resources that the women could use
and integrate into their lives straight away. The Self-Love Movement is
extremely grateful to have co-created such a powerful space with Adrienne for
women to connect and deepen their love for selves. I highly recommend Adrienne
for any future speaking arrangements.”

Liz – Event Organiser


What is covered?

Workshops and presentations vary in length and may be presented at multiple times to allow for the varying schedules of your employees.  We have presented to small teams for 5 participants right up to an entire organisation. With your needs in mind, we are able to fully customise the delivery format to meet your needs. Enquire today to build a format that works for you.


In these sessions, participants will learn about:

  • Stress management techniques
  • Time management and task prioritisation
  • Strategies and actions to create positive workplace culture
  • Tips for improved self awareness and self talk
  • Solutions focused communication with colleagues
  • How to build better relationships and connections
  • Ways to effectively seek and provide support to others
  • Taking action and remaining focused to achieve goals
  • Food and lifestyle approaches that lead to better health
  • Ways to establish and maintain habits, energy and focus



“I learned new ways to support my wellbeing at work and how to communicate my needs to others. It is so important to set goals and having a positive mindset. Using positive language can make a huge difference to me and others that I work with. I liked how it was broken down into strategies that are personal, professional and for students.”

Workshop Participant


What the participants say…



“It is great to have new strategies to use for myself I also have new ideas to consider in the workplace”


“I loved all that was imparted. I liked that you shared authentic experiences that transformed into life skills that we can all use and apply to personal and professional experiences.”


“I learned that is okay to be vulnerable even though I feel I am on top of everything. I have learned that when I don’t talk about things, I am just internalising it, which helps no one. I now know the importance of seeing advice and support at work.”


“The uplifting personal stories made a huge difference from the rote stuff that traditionally gets delivered in other wellbeing workshops”


“The presentation was very well organised and the personalisation was what made it simulating and thought provoking.”


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