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I’m Adrienne – a health and wellbeing consultant for individuals and schools. I partner with burnt out professionals and  school staff who struggle with high stress, endless to-do lists and zero time to get everything done. Let me help you to find the strategy, confidence and time to finally top your own priority list and see lasting results.


I am the proof you can literally be on the brink of a full blown breakdown but hurl yourself back to being the one others look to for the best advice and guidance on health and wellbeing.


Why choose me as your individual health coach or school wellbeing consultant?

I became a health and wellness coach alongside my day job as a school executive because I was watching the people around me drop like flies. Burnt out, stressed, unhappy and disengaged. After regaining my own physical and mental health, I knew had the answers people needed and that I could use my experience and knowledge to support others to do the same.


I studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) to become a coach and paired this with studies in a Master of Educational Leadership to find the winning formula for improving health and wellbeing in schools and with my individuals clients. My service options give you all you need – strategy, support, expertise and results.

My story

I started my business in 2018 after I got the very rude shock that I was unable to conceive naturally because my 30 years of life had been one big stress fest. Childhood trauma, grief, loss, abandonment, ongoing gut health issues, under-eating, over-exercising – the lot. While I had “made it” in the corporate world, climbing the ladder from teacher to school executive in only a few years, my physical and mental health was in tatters. I felt anything but successful.


Never one to give up, I set off on a long journey to heal my body, my mind and very damaged spirit. I read hundreds of books, listened to numerous podcasts and sought support from specialists and healers. I went on to heal my gut, my trauma and my “all or nothing” mindset. I started to see such drastic results in my physical and mental health that I wanted others to experience the same – so I studied to become a health and wellness coach. Not long after I launched my coaching side hustle, people wanted the change that they could see in me. Soon, client after client was transforming their lives using my advice and support.


As my client base grew, I found myself coaching principals, deputy principals, executives and teachers on how to improve their health and wellbeing. Then, I was up in-front of the entire staff at schools across Canberra, providing them with the knowledge, strategies and resources to help themselves, their teams and the students and improve school culture.


Now, you’ll find me working with executive teams and school staff to improve school culture, put staff wellbeing first and improve who school change, strategy and outcomes with my school wellbeing packages. I also continue to work privately with clients, supporting them to achieve their health and wellbeing goals in my 1:1 coaching programs.

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